Donnerstag, 28.09.17


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„FERN is distance. FERN is a feeling we all know: a journey through emptiness undertaken to face our innermost fears. The effort to find a dawning light in the darkest corners of our memories.

Melancholic, dark, unprettified and hypnotic. FERN explores the worlds of digital and analogue spheres. The music orbits the tangible past and the unprecedented future. All while combining distinctive rhythm with vivid singing.“



like lovers

„With a good blend of Bjork-ish deepness, Jeff Buckleys raw power and a tonal complexity only previously known of bands like Radiohead, Like Lovers succeeds to authentically transform the great human insecurity of our times into music, creating a soundtrack for the weirdness and beauty of our daily lives.“




„Gloomy analogue ambient soundscapes for fans of Massive Attack, Nils Frahm or Lustmord.“